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Sustainability Impact

Together, the Sharesies community makes a difference. 

Once new products enter our inventory, we remove them from their original packaging and they enter our reusable and recyclable system. Items, as well as Sharesies packaging, are shared within our community. By ensuring neglected items continue to be loved by others, we reduce waste in our landfills.

Our collection of sharables are delivered in recyclable Sharesies boxes. Subscribers are encouraged to take good care of their Sharesies box. Taking good care of it leads to reusing it with others. 

Every time a box is reused a new color of Sharesies tape is added creating our 'Sustainability Seal'. Each piece of tape demonstrates our collective sustainability effort.

When an item needs extra room for delivery it arrives in a reusable Sharesies bag. 

We choose reusable materials whenever possible and are we are regulars at our local recycling centre. :)



"I love that Sharesies is an affordable and sustainable way to get new toys for my baby! I wrestle with wanting lots of different toys to foster my son's development, but want to be sustainable. I also know that he will not be playing with each toy for very long. I like that with Sharesies when he is over a toy, I can swap it for something different. As an added bonus, my basement (which is quickly filling up with boxes of clothes he’s too big for) will not also be full of toys he’s done with."

Kirsten P. (New Parent)