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Schedule your first toy pick up here.

Book a day on our toy pick up calendar following the link below.

Swap in 5 easy steps:



Share toys the kids are done playing with. Picked up from your door.

Step 2


Get 100% of the value back for the toys you share. Provided in store credit.

Step 3


Use credits to buy fresh toys. Delivered to your door.

Step 4


Enjoy until they get bored.

Step 5


Repeat over and over.

Earn Credits

What are my toys worth?

Get 100% of the value back for the toys you share. Provided in store credit.

If the toy is $50 in store, you get $50 of store credit. Learn more about what toys we do and don't accept on our trade-in guide.

Meet Parker. She loved this toy for 2-hours. Then swapped it for something else.

We built Shareies for you.

Kids get toys - a lot of them. But what do we do when they get bored or outgrow the toys they have?

Before Sharesies you would either have to either spend more money on storage solutions, sell them for next to nothing on marketplaces or just give them away.

Parents are losing $1000's in value every year by just ‘getting rid of toys’. Then spending more than $250 on toys per kid, per year.

It doesn't have to be this way. Sharesies offers a solution.

Finally a toy store designed for parents. Sharesies is an easy, safe and convenient way to: declutter your home, get fresh toys for your kids without spending more money and continue to encourage play time, not screen time.

Toys are taking over your house. We are happy you are here. We are here to help.