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Balance Board

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While being a fantastic psycho-motor development tool, our board is first identified by kids as an extremely attractive toy. In minutes, our board turns into thousands of different things: - An tunnel to go through or a bridge to reach the castle over the moat - A throne - A lounge chair to read a book - A race track for cars - A table to play on the floor - A serving tray in the bed (for the parents, you deserve it) - A seesaw! Honestly, kids find millions ways to use this board differently! This is the beauty of it. It stimulates the mind of kids at every stages of their life, and will be passed for generations, or will follow a creative mind through life. On top of being a great free play game, our banana board shines by the goodness it brings to kids. Physiotherapists recommend the use of a balance board to develop coordination, balance, muscular strength and posture. About specifications, our boards are made of quality birch plywood, which is both resistant and flexible. This is a very sturdy product. This means an adult can easily stand on it without the risks of breaking (will support about 300lbs static charge!). The wood is protected with a hard oil, which make it smooth to the touch, and easy to maintain. Both the oil and the glue used in the making of the board are low COV. We recommend to use our board on a carpet, and either wear shoes or be barefoot, as would socks slip down the board. 

Dimension: 34" x 11" x 9"

Recommended Age: 3 and up
Warning: Be aware of surrounding to avoid serious injury upon falling.