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The Original Stretch Armstrong

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Stretch Armstrong is so much more than a plastic physique action figure. Known for being the 'the unbreakable toy', Armstrong is perfect. Twisting, pulling, bending— nothing will break him. Stretch Armstrong features extraordinary stretchy ability with his limbs capable of being pulled out to four times his natural span while still managing to squeeze back to normal size.

Recommended Age: 5 and up
Warning: Choking hazard - small parts. Not suitable for children under 3. Don’t play with when wet. Avoid rubbing and scratching painted decoration to keep this toy in good condition for longer. Do not wrap or tie stretch Armstrong into a knot around any persons head, arm, or leg.


  • Stretch will break if you pull too far.
  • Excessive stretching could result in damage to the toy. 
  • Stretch doesn’t like extreme cold or heat. Keep him at room temperature and he’ll be alright. 


  • To stretch hold from hands and feet.
  • Do not pull from shoulders and upper arms.
  • Do not puncture or bite.
  • Do not pull his head, if it comes off, warm the head in the warm tap water for 5 minutes and then carefully pop back onto the neck *adult supervision is required.
  • Do not twist his legs or waist.
  • Keep him away from intense heat.
  • Do not leave your stretch figure out in the sun.


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