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Unlimited toys,
that won’t pile up on the floor.

Kids: I'm bored!
You: 🙄, Make a swap.
Kids: 😀
You: Problem solved.

The average attention span of a child is 1-2 minutes per year of age.

They need change.

Give it to them.

Tip: Order your swap for Saturdays - thank us during your morning coffee.

You: No more iPad.
Kids: 😭
You: Make a swap
Kids: 😃

Toys are important, they lead to development.

Swapping toys distracts them away from screens and busy on positive play.

You: Why is everything on the floor? 😫
Kids: I'm bored.
You: Play with some toys.
Kids: I don't want them anymore.
Your: Let's swap them.
Kids: 😃

Stop buying more. Storage cubbies don't work.

Moments after we clean up, they pull everything out and walk away.

Use more, have less.
It just makes sense.

Kids are expensive. Diapers, furniture, food, child care, car seats, activities, toys...the list goes one.

The average family spends $232 / child / year on toys alone.

Getting more for your money always makes sense...even if you can afford to spend.

Toys get ignored within weeks after purchasing them. Waste in our homes adds up.

Plastics - which many toys are made of - takes hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. The more people buy the more resource extraction for goos is required.

Sharesies has an immediate impact. We reuse everything - toys, boxes, mailing cards, everything.

Think your kids break everything?

You would be surprised how kids adapt when they know they need to share with someone else.

They learn how to be gentle.

When play time is over, they learn to put it back in their Sharesies box / bag.

Seriously it's awesome.

We have delivered hundreds of toys to families of all ages.

Want to know the number of damaged toys thus far?


Damage is going to happen, don't worry we have a plan for that...and it's super easy. Donate a toy and we will call it even.


The affordable and sustainable way to play.
Get started.



Toys are important, they help us learn and grow. But they go to waste fast. Swap for something new when they get left behind.


We reuse everything. Items and packaging continue to be loved before being recycled.


Members are saving hundreds of dollars. Shoppers get more for their money. It's a never-ending toy box, not a toy.


Disinfected and inspected before you play. Delivered and swapped on your doorstep. It's super easy.


Make a donation and we will call it even.

Additional conditions apply and alternative options are available, learn more about reporting damage.


Our team inspects items for safety and disinfects each piece with eco-friendly and child safe cleaning products before entering your Sharesies box or bag.

Yes. Sometimes you just get a a keeper.

If you can't part with an item, you may request a keeper online. We will share a keeper price based on it's retail value and current condition. Buy it and it's all yours.

It's super easy!

1) Log in to your account
2) Click 'Make a Swap'
4) Click 'Remove' next to the items you would like to return
5) Make new selections
6) Checkout and book your swap day

On Your Swap Day
Place the items you are returning in your Sharesies box/bag outside your door by 8:00am. We will swap it with your new selections right on your doorstep.

Make a swap.