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Trade-in Guide

Just put them on the doorstep on your pick up day, we will take it from there.
Learn more about the value of your toys and what we accept below.


What are my toys worth?

Get 100% of the value back for the toys you share. Provided in store credit.

If the toy is $50 in store, you get $50 of store credit. Learn more about what toys we do and don't accept on our trade-in guide.


Toys we accept.

You get credit for things that are:

  • Toys, games and rec gear.
  • Working as expected (with batteries when required).
  • In good condition.
  • New, like-new, gently loved or well loved.

Some signs of use is okay.

Toys we do not accept.

Credit will not be given for toys that:

  • Are damaged or don't function.
  • Have missing pieces and/or instructions that are required to function.
  • Are from dollar stores or happy meals.

Toys not accepted will be either donated to local daycare facilities or recycled, not returned.

*Toys will be assessed at the full discretion of Sharesies. In the event a retail value can not be determined, Sharesies will make an apply a value based on comparable items in store. Toys you have shared may not be accepted.